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Jayke Bouche
United States
Current Residence: Greater Boston Area

I've lived all over the world throughout my life, and speak multiple languages fluently: French, English, and my Spanish is pretty passable. I learned a little Japanese in college.

After several tough years (completing college, multiple jobs and moves, as well as continuing health struggles) I'm starting to become more active on this site and making art once again. My intentions are to start creating again, and keep at it regularly, regardless of subject, medium, mode, etc.
I very much enjoy fairytale, picture book illustrations, things that tell a story, animals (both anthro and not), little details and every-day crafts. I primarily work with wool fiber to knit/crochet/spin, sew a little, paint and draw (traditional and digital).

My work can also be found on Weasyl

Please don't hesitate to reach out to get in touch. I can't promise I'll reply immediately, but I welcome conversation about artsy things!


Space Birds
I was playing around with simple swooping shapes, some watercolours and water soluble pastel sticks. 
I didn't use any reference, and it came out not that bad!

Art nouveau inspired toad, this time a little more modern than patterned
Part of a series of similar B/W illustrations.

Digital, MS Studio.
Crossposted to Weasyl.


Cute art nouveau inspired mouse!
This is going to be part of a series of similar B/W illustrations.

Digital, MS Studio.
Crossposted on Weasyl.

Skating Holidays

Our family holiday card this year. I wanted to draw cute boops skating, and so I did.

The blank space around the characters contained a greeting which I've removed to post it here. 
It'll be printed on 5x7inch (12.7x17.8cm).
Crossposted to Weasyl.

Pterosaur - Thalassodromeus Sethi

Pterosaur - Thalassodromeus Sethi
Birthday present for a friend.

Google tells me this pterosaur was misnamed after the wrong ancient Egyptian deity. (Because of the shape of its crest in fact looks like Amun-ra, not Set.)

Markers, ink, watercolour pencils.
Approx 9x7in / 18x23cm
Crossposted to Weasyl.

:bulletgreen:To those interested, here is a link to my professional portfolio here:…

Most recent personal news is that I've moved to Boston, and have started a new job as of July. It's taking me a while to settle back down, and I'm still working on it!
I'm very glad to find myself in a much improved standard of living and living situation.

I am uncertain of what my involvement here is going to be like (much less anywhere online) so I make no promises. 
I have started making artwork semi-reguarly again, and some of it may make it onto here depending on how I feel about it. 

- J
  • Listening to: Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Drinking: Boba


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Fleet Foot is best pony
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have i ever sent you to *ShadowUmbre? if i haven't already, go there now. i know that his art style is something you especially would appreciate.
fleetfoot Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011
Ooh definitely approve!
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Thank you so much for adding me to your watch list!
~Neko-jin Designs
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Met you at ConBust, and it's really nice to be able to know people on both DA and in RL!
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Ty for the :+fav:
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I really like the works you've done just with the brush-pen or just the black and white pieces. Aaaand I'm biased to the TKD pieces.

I feel weird leaving such a random comment. . . But I would have ended up faving them all and leaving the same comment on each one. So why not leave it in one place?

Nice work. :D
fleetfoot Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
Hehe! Thanks! :)
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you have wonderful art, yet only 87 watchers!?

GEEZ lets make that 88.
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